‘The Magneto Effect’ Bootcamp – Lesson #2 of 7

Lesson #2: “How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Want To Sell”

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a hole.

Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills”

So here‘s what that means…

Our service and business is not what you and I, as consultants and professionals, really think it is.

People don’t care about your business.

And that’s where it all goes wrong for nearly every Intellectual Property legal services guy I know.

You see your audience hasn’t been waiting all of their lives to be one of your clients so why should it surprise you when they say ‘no thanks’ to your business or service?

What they do care about, is finding a solution to their problem.

Your job, is to position your business as the solution to their problem… But you’ve got to keep to a strict set of guidelines in order to do that successfully and that’s easier said than done:

And the guidelines are as follows…

Guideline #1: You can’t sell – ever.

Guideline #2: You can’t mention your Intellectual Property business or service until you’ve built a relationship and you have their complete trust and they respect you like they do their own doctor.

Guideline #3: You can only give them what they want rather than what you want.

So how do you do this??

The ANSWER lies in the quote I just shared with you, and here is what it means…

“Nobody who bought a drill, actually wanted a drill.” i.e. You didn’t start your business because you wanted a Intellectual Property legal services business.

“They wanted a hole.” i.e. You want more money, time, etc…

“Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!” i.e. People don’t want to buy your service. They want answers to problems and the results that your service produces. The bottom line is you want to position your business so it appears, to your intended market, as the perfect fit.

The best way to do that, is to identify the type of hole they want to drill and market and promote information on how to create this hole with the least amount of hassle, for the greatest return on their time and money.

So you don’t market your Intellectual Property business and services directly. That’s what a bad sales person does.

Instead you market and promote useful information. That’s what a consultant does.

This method of promotion is core to The Magneto Effect and I call this ‘Back-To-Front’ marketing.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a minute and pretend that you’re looking for your type of business online.

You type the name of your sector (e.g. Intellectual Property law firms) into Google and hundreds of websites belonging to other competitors come up, pitching their company.

Would you just call up one of those companies randomly and give them your business, or are you going to seek out a leader who’s offering real expertise and value?

You’re going to work with the leader right?

And whether he knows it or not, he’s using The Magneto Effect.

With a few strategic tweaks to your marketing media, you can separate yourself from every other competitor in your market, and find the holy grail of being invited into your prospect’s world.

A great example of this principle is this very course that I’m delivering to you right now.

You see my goal is to share with you the strategies and concepts of The Magneto Effect so you will hopefully understand what you need to do in order to run a highly successful Intellectual Property legal services business.

I don’t want anything in return for that effort. Not one bean. All I want to do is hold a light up at the end of the tunnel so you can begin to get where you’ve always dreamed of ending up.

What I’m doing, is advertising this free course which will teach you, the viewer, the concepts behind how to generate leads for free and get clients to chase you, without ever needing to be a slick salesman.

So do you see what I’ve done here?

Do you see how simple it becomes when you start promoting information about making the perfect hole? What legal professional wouldn’t want this type of information?

So instead of positioning yourself as just another peddler, you position yourself as an EXPERT, who freely GIVES their help and guidance which then builds TRUST and a RELATIONSHIP with their audience.

In other words the message you’re sending is “I don’t want your money now. I want to help you first.”

The end result:

YOU DESTROY the competition. I mean KILL THEM!

That’s how to get immediate competitive advantage in any marketplace!!!

The moral of the story is this:

When your chosen market sees you as a leader who wants to help for no immediate return, instead of just another salesman looking to get into their wallet, they will not only come looking for you, they will more often than not pay a little extra for the pleasure.

You see Experts never advertise about their self, yet they always have a line of eager clients waiting outside their door because of the value they have to offer.

Another way to look at it is like this… would Tiger Woods go around shouting about the score he shot to all the media after a round in a tournament. Of course not. Instead the media and the public chase after him for the story.

So stop advertising your Intellectual Property legal service, and start advertising useful information that showcases your expertise and your knowledge.

Everything you say or do needs to be inline with this strategy. If you are not positioning yourself as an expert and a leader you will never earn the big money you know your expertise deserves.  But don’t hate me for saying this I’m just the messenger.

You just need to decide from this day on, marketing information first and your business second is what you’re going to do.

Because this reason, and only this reason is why your prospects will choose you above your competition.

So which bracket do you fall into?

Are you one of the thousands of other Intellectual Property legal professionals that use ineffective brochure style websites that take up space in the ether and communicate nothing but egotistical drivel?

Are you just offering your business name and what you do or do you have something more to offer personally as a leader and mentor?

I truly hope you understand the importance of what I’m relaying to you here, because if you get it, this short session that we’ve spent together will completely change your life…

The result will be you’ll sell more and you’ll do it with less effort than ever before.

Not only that but your lead generation will change from a random act that sucks up your time to a predictable event that occurs literally every day in the form of emails in your inbox and phone calls to your office.

And while we’re on the subject of generating leads there are a couple of cast iron strategies that I need to share with you…

Stay tuned tomorrow where I will reveal my secrets in lesson number 3.

Until next time,

Eria Odhuba

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