‘The Magneto Effect’ Bootcamp – Lesson #6 of 7

Lesson #6: “How To Write Ads That Make You Stand Out…”

Because most Intellectual Property legal services professionals never learn how to write ads that make prospects respond, they typically end up creating advertising that costs them an arm and a leg and sells the wrong thing!

I can’t tell you how many legal professionals I see start a business in their particular field and the first thing they do is go out and place an ad in the Yellow Pages that says something along the lines of:

“Bloggs & Co.
Here’s what we do.

Call Joe Bloggs for more information/free consultation.”

And then two very strange things happen. First they are shocked when they get no response. And then unbelievably they blame the media they advertised in thinking it was that rather than their ad that caused the problem!

Well I place ads too and these ads continue to bring in leads for myself and my clients everyday.

The opt-in rate for my capture pages can be well over 50% which is more than double the average.

So, what’s the difference between the ads most consultants and professionals write, and mine?

Well writing an ad that gets people to respond is actually all about psychology. You see there are influential triggers that you can use to make people notice your ads, and people are genetically programmed to respond to them at a subconscious level. They simply can’t help it.

For example, the psychological triggers of avoiding pain and gaining pleasure is something that I’ve already shared with you. Next time you’re in the local newsagent, I want you to check out the headlines on the covers of magazines and newspapers.

Most of them will be negative, and some will be positive.

But the publishers of these magazines know the purpose of their headlines. And that purpose is to get the reader to read the next thing underneath the headline. They know that if they create publications with a bunch of headlines that don’t get people to read what’s underneath them then they know their going to be out of business.

And in the legal services arena, headlines that make people read what’s underneath purely relate to how to avoid their deepest fears and problems or how to attain their dream goal.

That’s it. No more no less.

At no time does the headline ever mention the name of the business or service.

And the reason for that is simple. Blogg’s & Co. doesn’t mean anything to me so I don’t read any further.

But that’s just the beginning.

There are multiple levels of psychology you can weave into your advertising which will transform your results.

One powerful but rarely used trigger that increases response massively, is that of “Who’s had it before me?”

This trigger works on the basis that before someone takes action they are weighing up whether or not your offer is going to deliver what it promises.

And if other people have tried something before us and liked it, then our subconscious kicks in and tells us it must be good. This then ticks the box called “This is most probably worth getting” and we move one step closer to taking action.

Now when you combine this with another potent trigger you can’t help but get people to start running after you.

And that’s the trigger of… “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

You see when it comes down to it, the more you can make someone think responding is a no lose situation they are much more likely to take the next step.

For example, if you advertise a tips series and that series of tips relates to solving a huge problem in your prospects life, and a lot of other people have subscribed and gained great benefit from it, you’re close to having a good ad. But if you then make the tips series free and easy to gain instant access to via a web page, you’ve cracked it.

You know it’s funny…

Once I learned the concepts behind The Magneto Effect, I actually came to a point where I literally didn’t need to pitch prospective clients on my business.

I just couldn’t be bothered… There was just no need to do it anymore. I was playing a completely different game to everyone else.

You see, attracting new clients is actually effortless when you tune in to the psychology of what makes people tick.

In fact, once you learn The Magneto Effect strategies, you’ll actually get to a point where you’ll have to become much more selective on who you work with. You simply won’t have the time to work with everyone.

If you want to get to this point, where you’re literally forced to put people on a waiting list, here’s how to do it…

The final piece of the puzzle will be revealed tomorrow in lesson number 7.

To your success,

Eria Odhuba

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