‘The Magneto Effect’ Bootcamp – Lesson #7 of 7

Lesson #7: “How To Attract Clients And Wealth To You”

Here’s a very important statement I want you to burn into your brain…

You need to be willing to GIVE without WANT before you can HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

Now just stop for a second and think about that.

So, let me translate that statement into practical terms in the context of the Intellectual Property legal services industry…

First, understand why your potential clients would want to work with you. And remember it’s not because of your glossy presentation or your company name.

It’s because you have a solution to their biggest problem which is delivered as follows…

1: First you lead with you. Your knowledge, your leadership, and your expertise. They will choose YOU because YOU have positioned yourself as someone who can teach them and show them how to get what they want.

2: You are offering a strategic and logical system which provides a clear path to solving their burning problems, and they can see themselves getting results using it.

These are the only two reasons why a client will ever work with you, and these are the two things you must GIVE.

What do you think this bootcamp series is all about?

Why do you think I take time out of my day to give you this information?

I’ve never met you and you’ve never met me. But I selflessly share my experience with you firstly and most importantly in the hope it will help you. I do this knowing you may take and keep taking from me, without getting anything back. Not even a simple email to say ‘thanks’…

Because I know it’s not about you working with me as a client right now or doing things so I get anything in return (although that’s a nice by product). I have skills and knowledge that can help you become the leader you need to be, and The Magneto Effect is a business model and a system that can help you build a bigger, more stable Intellectual Property legal services business.

So… Stop spending money on things that don’t sell and that people aren’t interested in.

Sell yourself.

Sell your logical strategy that gives them the result they want.

Take the focus off the company and the anonymous glossy cover because IT will never be the reason for your success, or anyone else’s.

Market “help.”

This is WHY I get lots of enquiries from people who want to know more or get my help and advice.

This is why complete strangers ask to work with me and my team, even before they’ve ever had a conversation or meeting with me.

They do it because they know I can help them get what they want through a deep knowledge of my specialist field and a system that will allow them to get results.

It’s not hard and you can do the same in your specialism.

You can learn how to do this as well faster and easier than you think, even if you’ve never worked like this in the past.


Because no matter what you’ve done, what you’re doing or who you are, you can GIVE… And when you do you will be given back to.

Now with all of that said and done, we finally come to what may be the most important lesson of all…

The thing that ties everything we’ve discussed together and that’s at the heart of making The Magneto Effect business model work for you.

And that’s “nothing that is or was truly valuable was built overnight.”

Now I’m not saying you can’t use The Magneto Effect to start generating leads instantly for your business using the internet. That’s not my point.

What I’m saying to you here is you need to see the big picture. You want to look at your business as something that you’re going to build over time using a set of principles and not base it on a few quick fire techniques.

Everything I’ve shared with you in this bootcamp series is based on principles and human psychology that have influenced success for centuries and will continue to work for centuries to come.

And the last 7 days have been centred around one goal – to set you apart by offering more value than anyone else and delivering it in a way that helps your prospective client first and makes you money second

But why am I sharing this with you now?

Well the reason is that more people than I care to mention are not thinking this way about their life or their business and because of that they’re heading for a fall.

You see when you think there is an answer out there somewhere that is going to transform your life and turn everything around in less than a couple of weeks, you’re never going to stick with anything. You’re never going to apply the principles I’ve shared with you here long enough to see them blossom in your garden.

You’ll be onto the next thing before you know it looking for the holy grail.

And I’m here to tell you the holy grail DOESN’T EXIST. It’s a myth. What does exist, is you. What does work is sticking with something long enough to see it start to pay handsome dividends.

And that’s what ‘Magneto’ is all about. It’s about helping people get what they want with a sales funnel positioned behind it that lets people work with you when they are ready. And believe me they will. And the more valuable you become in their eyes the more they will chase you and pay you what you deserve.

That’s the magic and you can start harnessing it today.

Stay tuned for more great information to come.

To your success,

Eria Odhuba

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