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Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

When Being Busy Actually Stops You Growing Your IP Legal Services Business

Shout out loud if the following statements apply to you:

I don’t have ANY time for marketing as I am too busy identifying and chasing leads, or trying to satisfy clients.
I can not fit anything else into my diary as I am the ONLY one that can do certain activities.
There are too many requests for my time and I have no time to think of doing anything new to grow my business.
I don’t have time to think of creative ideas that would help market my business better.
I have to do a lot of activities now that I would like to delegate, but can’t because my role will then be diminished.
I am too busy keeping track of various activities. I just can’t afford to let any balls drop.

If you said yes to any of the above, you are not alone.

The lack of time is one of the reasons many IP legal services businesses fail to grow at desired rates. For many, this results in ad-hoc marketing campaigns taking place with no thought about how to build relationships with prospects. And if these campaigns fail, businesses move to the next down the list and hope to get more responses.

Now don’t get me wrong, you want optimal use of your time within your business and you, therefore, may want to be busy or busier (especially in the current economic climate). But, there are certain things you could do to focus on activities that use your time best. Identifying and continuously chasing leads should not be one of them.

Think about the following scenario for a moment…

  1. You have automated systems in place to keep in touch with prospects and customers, which frees you to focus on client delivery.
  2. Based on an efficient feedback capture system and good research, you know what your prospects really want and regularly provideĀ  information that shows them how to solve their problems.
  3. Your marketing campaigns are systematic and automated. You know what is going out, when it is going out, and who you are sending it out to.
  4. You don’t spend time calling cold lists trying to sell your services. Instead, you spend more time providing information to a targeted niche that is looking for specific solutions to problems.
  5. Because you are not running around like a lunatic chasing countless leads, you have more time to focus on great service delivery. And you can think more clearly about measurable marketing activities.
  6. You run effective seminars for prospects that you have already developed relationships with, who value your expertise and leadership within their niche and who are now more likely to purchase full services from you (which is much easier than using seminars at the start of your sales funnel).
  7. You use direct marketing to measure success by profits made, not responses or number of eyeballs that scan a magazine.
  8. You delegate/outsource those activities that do not have a direct impact on the relationships you have with prospects or clients.
  9. You have time to review the experiences prospects and customers have every time you contact them, and have an automated system in place to follow up after each contact.

If you have/do what I have outlined above, then you have some of what I help clients install with The Magneto Effect.

The key thing is this – you have more time to do things you want and eliminate activities that can be automated, outsourced or just planned better. Chasing leads, cold calling, running seminars for prospects you have not built relationships with – all that becomes a thing of the past.

Being busy then becomes good, because it is for the right reasons that help you actually grow your IP legal services business.

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