How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

10 Strategies Intellectual Property Lawyers Should Use To Attract Clients

Growing your IP legal services practice in the current ecomonic climate can be a real challenge. What can you do to attract a steady stream of clients?

The temptation to simply do more cold calling, networking, seminars etc is great. But you then run the risk of driving yourself into the ground frantically trying to win new clients AND provide a great IP legal service to clients.

This report summarises key strategies IP legal services professionals should use, or at least consider, to attract new clients and grow their businesses. It covers the following key points:

  • Identify a niche market to provide Intellectual Property advice to.
  • Find out the conversations going on in their minds so that you know what they really want.
  • Put a system in place to provide information to prospects that shows them how to solve their problems, or explain complex ideas in simple terms so that they are better educated about things that are relevant to them.
  • Use direct response marketing techniques to maintain contact with prospects and gain their trust, thus positioning you as the leader they want to follow and ultimately do business with.
  • Guide prospects towards strategy products or services which they can purchase based on a trusted relationship with you.

Rapid developments in technology and business practices means IP legal services professionals have to continually re-visit client attraction strategies. This is what this report is all about.

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