How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

Get More Money By Leveraging Other Professionals

Very few successful businesses grew simply through the direct use of their own resources. You can throw a lot of money and effort into sales and marketing, but your time and money is limited. At some point, you want to provide a great service to all your customers and less time chasing new business.

Believe it or not, there is a huge source of additional revenue within your current client base that you can easily harvest. Imagine providing financial advice to a dentist…

The dentist, if he has a good practice, will be able to identify the most lucrative clients that would be happy to pay for the best services and products. If he has an opt-in feedback strategy, which allows him to get customer views and provide them with important information relevant to their specific needs, then he can use this to introduce you to his clients.

Now, you have to have delivered fantastic results for your dentist client before he even thinks about letting you near his lucrative clients. But more importantly, if he trusts you, and his clients trust him, then you stand a very good chance of at least getting someone interested in what you have to say than if you went to them directly.

So what could do you do – you could, for example, get a letter prepared from him to send to his most valuable clients introducing you as someone he trust and can sort out their financial problems. But more importantly, you can start to build a relationship with them not by offering your services right away, but by providing free reports or invites to seminars (which you might be able to charge for) that give valuable information on solving big, painful problems. If they respond and opt-in to your list of targets for regular financial services information, it is much easier for you to win them over.

Obviously, you can be very specific and ask for clients within a particular niche. Don’t worry about limiting the numbers here, all you want to do is get people to opt-in to your information updates and get to know you better.

More important, however, is to do the same for your friendly dentist. They are under as much pressure as you are. Let’s face it, not many people love their dentists and avoid going to them as much as possible. The internet is also a great channel for scam artists telling people to ignore their dentists and get teeth whitening kits over the internet. For example, if the dentist can create a simple one or two page report detailing the reasons why it is not a good idea to get what could be dangerous chemicals from someone miles away, you could introduce the dentist to your clients and simply ask them to opt-in to his list to get the report and other important updates. For families with young children, the reports could focus on braces and how to help parents deal with the low self-esteem their kids might have by wearing them.

The possibilities are endless. The example above is just an example, and effort then simple needs to be put into using good direct response marketing techniques to build relationships and get money at the end.

Being magnetic to prospects and clients requires you to think differently when it comes to sales and marketing. You want people to come to you, and avoid having to cold call or send letters out to lists from brokers. Trust me, I have done that, and the response rate is sometimes not worth the effort. Get the information you have to people that have requested to get it, and you are in there!

What I have described is something that The Magneto Effect would introduce into IP legal services businesses. Leveraging other people’s resources for mutual benefit and building relationships with prospects so that they are excited about working with you is the goal (or if not excited, totally convinced you can take away their pain).

So my question to you is…how magnetic is your marketing and what can you do to attract many more lucrative clients to your business?

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