How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

One Step IP Lawyers Should Make To Attract More High-Quality Clients

Growth is not an option in the current economic climate. Any IP legal services professional who has decided to simply survive and wait for a possible business upturn will find that they stagnate. You need to maintain a clear focus on business growth. If you don’t, you IP legal services practice will die. Simple!

Many IP legal services professionals are in survival mode – they have cut expenses, spend as little money as possible on what they view as additional marketing activity and have decided to rely on referrals and networking to keep their heads above water. This may  seem understandable, but the lawyers who come out of the recession racing ahead with a new list of high-quality clients will be those that do the opposite to position themselves as trustworthy leaders.

Are you doing more of the same – e.g. networking, dinners, events?  Everyone else is probably doing the same. You are in your comfort zone – and you need to do to get out of it. You need to start offering something new to prospects and clients that makes you stand out.

First of all, marketing should not be seen simply as an additional activity to core legal services. If IP lawyers viewed see themselves as marketers of legal services, then they would set everything up within their business to make sure all activity is geared towards client attraction and retention – including non-core activities.

Now, if you think this is a step too far for you, think about lawyers who you think might not be as good as you but who seem to attract an endless stream of prospects.

What are they doing that you are not doing?

Well, they are doing a better job presenting themselves as marketers of legal services, instead of seeing themselves as excellent legal services professionals who do a bit of marketing on top.

To get the transition right so that you are in the former camp, you first have to have effective and measurable systems installed in their businesses. These same systems have to give you the intelligence you need to prevent drastic cuts in marketing spend that many othet law firms have made simply because previous efforts were not bringing new clients in.

How, then, do you grow your IP legal services practice?

  1. Obviously, you need more new clients: This is a crucial step in growing any IP legal services practice. You need new revenue coming into your practice. You need to get into the minds of prospects and find out what they are looking for. You then need to give them the information they need so that they begin to trust you more and look forward to any other information you have that shows them how to solve their problems. These prospects are then the ones you have to work on and convert into clients.
  2. More referrals: Happier clients who get brilliant results from the services you offer, and love the experience you put them through, will be happy to mention your name to potential clients. What systems do you have in place to encourage happy clients to refer you to potential clients?
  3. More sales to existing clients: Sometimes this is the easiest step to take. What extra benefits can clients get from you if they were aware of, and then purchased, additional services from you? Are they only using you for a small portion of all the legal services they actually need because you have not given them any reasons to ask you to do more for them?
  4. Improved team development and empowerment: Yes, everyone in your IP legal services business, including the support team, have an important role to play when attracting clients. You should not view the business development manager, partners and pitch teams as the only people that matter. The touch points prospects make with anyone in your firm all contribute to the success of your client attraction activity. – don’t worry if this scares the heck out of you… imagine that your life was much easier…yet more profitable with Team Leaders who took all the things off your plate that you don’t enjoy dealing with.

Remember when you first entered law – think about the aspirations you had then and what you wanted to achieve. Do you still have these dreams or are you happy to settle for muchless than you are really capable of?

You have to make sure the you don’t let the current economic climate hold you back, and stop you investing in new strategies to attract new clients. Businesses still need IP lawyers despite the economic downturn.

So, what can you do. Well ,as a first step, sign up for the free video series I have at You will find out why many of the old fashioned prospecting methods that you might still be using are probably holding you back from fulfilling your true potential. More importantly, you will get clear instructions on the things you need to do to attract the clients you really want.

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