How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

4 Steps IP Lawyers Can Take To Reactivate Lost Customers

Many IP legal services professionals that lose clients write them off and instead try to focus on winning new clients.

This is not a good tactic because customer reactivation is worth the effort as a means of growing an IP legal services business. According to the US Office of Consumer Affairs, it costs six times more to acquire a customer than it does to keep an existing one.

If you truly believe in the value of the IP legal services you offer, you need to stop thinking of lost customers as ‘past’ customers. Think of them as ‘inactive’ customers with the potential to come back and buy again and many more times in the future. But they won’t do it on their own – not most of the time.

68% of customers leave because they were treated with indifference, disrespect, apathy or neglectful behaviours on the part of employees of that business organisation with whom they interacted.

Before you do any customer reactivation activity, you need to find out why your customer(s) left you. You should not make any assumptions about their reasons for doing so and, unless they explicitly told you why, you need to ask.

Once you have the necessary feedback, you have information that allows you to:

  1. Think about ways you can improve the IP legal services you offer;
  2. Make sure that the services you provide result in benefits that your target market is actively searching for. Even better, the benefits should surpass expectations if you really want to differentitate yourself from your competitors;
  3. Look at the way you market your services. How can you communicate better so that you start to reactivate inactive’ clients? What guarantees can you provide so that so that your services are even more attractive to those that left you before? What other marketing assets can you use to make your marketing collateral more attractive? Finally, do you have a systemised multi-step campaign plan in place to add value to every touchpoint you have with prospects?
  4. Think about the incentives or offers you can give to get ‘inactive’ clients interested in you again. You might have information  that is really valuable that you can share, or have a series of webinars / seminars that address issues your target market is really interested in.

If you think about the money and time you spent to obtain a client in the first place, it is a shame to then ignore them because they took business elsewhere.

Unless you doubt the value you bring to the table, you have every reason to think about ways to win back lost clients to your IP legal services practice. Part of it requires a change in attitude, but most of it relates to making sure you let them know more about what you have to offer, the benefits that result, and the value you can bring to the relationship with them which makes you stamd out from your competition.

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