How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

You Are Not In The Legal Services Business, You Are In the RELATIONSHIP Business

If you simply think of yourself as a Intellectual Property specialist within legal services who will do a bit of marketing to try and generate new leads, then what I have to say is specifically aimed at you.

You are wrong!!!

That may seem a bit strong. But it is the truth, and is possibly stopping you from growing your  IP legal services practice from being just one of many to choose from… to the dominant one in prospects’ minds.

How should you position yourself then? Simply put, you should aim to be the best advisor to your target niche.

Now, this has nothing to do with all the exams you need to sit through so that you can let the whole world know how good you are. It also has nothing to do with any specialisms you develop that other people might not have. Congratulations on passing them…but so what?

It all comes down to relationships

Yes, it is all to do with how effective you are at developing relationships with your target market. This is not easy either, because it takes time. And the temptation is to try and sell to a prospect you have not warmed up yet because you want money from them.

Think about this though – people are happier to give you money for your products and services if they are better educated about the various options available and what steps they need to take to achieve their desired outcome. If you are the one that educates them, and has a two-way conversation with them that shows you understand their fears and frustrations, then you will stand a better chance of being top of mind when they need to pay for specific services.

There is something else you need to know…

You are in the relationship business, not the legal services business

Why do I say that? Well, every activity you do gives prospects a chance to evaluate whether you are the one they want specific legal advice from. Random conversations, how you meet and greet customers, your premises, the way your front office staff welcome prospects and clients, how open you are about the way you work, the information you give prospects to show them how to solve their problems…the list is endless.

You are a walking marketing machine, whose primary goal is to build relationships with people, take away their pain and improve their lives. Any specialism you have is just a mechanism to help achieve this goal. Marketing, therefore, is not limited to the sales letters you write and adverts you send out. It is everything you do.

The best marketers are those that look to build a position of authority within their niche by their actions, provide information that matches the conversations within their prospects’ minds, and have great products that people are willing to buy because they provide roadmaps on how to take away their fears and frustrations.

The Magneto Effect gets IP legal services professionals thinking about new business models that develop fantastic relationships with prospects, who then purchase services and products based on trust. These clients stay on board much longer as well, which is not a bad thing.

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