How To Attract Clients Without Hard Selling

Effective Practice Growth Strategies For Intellectual Property Lawyers, By Eria Odhuba

Why You Need To Set Enough Resources Aside For Measurable Lead Generation Activities

We are all too busy nowadays. So many Partners in law firms seem to spend all their lives running around aimlessly just keeping on top of things. Crucially, too much time is spent chasing leads and prospects instead of delivering a great service to clients that need their services.

And that is when you tend to see marketing done on an ad-hoc basis – an email campaign here, adverts in magazines or a newspaper there, and so on. And if the results of these activities are poor, the consensus is that marketing is a waste of money.

Based on this, many legal services professionals try to do everything as they did before – identify prospects, cold call and try to arrange meetings, prepare fabulous presentations, follow up with each prospect and hope to deliver great service to their clients at the same time. I must admit, I’ve done similar things.

This is hard work…

While some will love the fact that they are busy, many would like to have the success without many of the things they do, but don’t do well.

I have said before – you may the best in your field, but your IP legal services business will not grow unless you have a steady stream of new clients coming in. And one of the reasons why this does not happen is because not enough time is set aside to put an effective client attraction system in place.

The fundamental mind shift that needs to take place is this – you need to get prospects attracted to you, and calling you for your services rather than you getting on the phone and calling 100s of prospects.

To get there, you have to think about what your ideal outcome is. This will include the types of clients within a specific niche that you want to work with and the numbers you can afford to deal with effectively.

And to get this, you also have to think about the skills you need to develop to be seen as a trusted advisor, the use of direct response communication with prospects, and what information you give prospects so that you gain their trust.

Now, direct response marketing is crucial to measuring your activities against actual results. Without this, how will you measure what works and what doesn’t? If you don’t know whether your magazine advert was more effective than your email campaign, you may drop the one channel that actually works best for you by mistake.

To get this done properly, you need to set aside sufficient time and resources to test your various lead generation campaigns. This can all be automated, which means you can then focus on other key activities.

So, make sure you have the time and resources set aside for any client attraction activity – this sounds obvious but so many people don’t.

And remember, anything to do with cold lists is not effective. You still need to build up a hot list of opt-in prospects that want to get information from you, and who you can then move down your sales funnel until they become fee–paying clients.

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