Do you want to build a more profitable and dynamic IP legal services practice using an effective online business model that gets you attracting clients easily and systematically, and which stops you having to do any hard selling?

If your answer is yes, then this is the website for you. Eria Odhuba’s mission is simple – to help you focus your strengths and IP legal services expertise on core, client-facing activities supported by a systemised process that gets you positioned as the leader within your target niche.

Eria works with clients to correct one of the biggest mistakes made today…trying to sell services to cold lists.

With a detailed focus on understanding what prospects really need, and developing platforms to provide information that addresses those needs, Eria can help you build a position of authority and trust within target niches. The end result is closer relationships with prospects, who then make the decision themselves to ask for your services instead of feeling hassled by sales people.

The IP legal services industry is very competitive, and old traditional methods of marketing that have been used by law firms will not work anymore. If you want to compete and grow in the current legislative climate, then implementing the strategies highlighted on this website is the first step you need to make.

Eria knows the value of making sure your IP legal services work fits in with the goals and lifestyle you want. But you don’t get that if you can’t generate leads, grow your business and get the kind of clients you really want to work with.

Any feedback you have on anything you read on this website is welcome. There is so much to learn, and to share…

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