How To Create Awesome Marketing Collateral That Gets Responses

Most marketing collateral produced by Intellectual Property (IP) legal professionals does not work simply because the information provided is, to be frank, hopeless. It just does not inspire anyone to take action.

Incredibly, many IP legal professionals continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. They then reduce their marketing spend because they just don’t get the quantity of high-quality leads they need to survive and grow.

So, here is a quick overview of what you MUST include when preparing any marketing pieces.

  1. First of all, your business needs a Unique Perceived Benefit (UPB) that makes it stand out in the minds of prospects you want to capture.
    • If you have done your research properly and established the conversation going on in the minds of your prospects, then creating your UPB is much easier as you know what emotional triggers to hit.
  2. Headlines, headlines, headlines…
    • Simply putting your company name at the top of any marketing collateral means you waste the opportunity to get people to stop and look at what you have. You need a headline, as this draws people to read the rest of the content (which, by the way, should focus on getting people towards their desired outcomes).
    • Look at the tabloids – they are brilliant at creating headlines which are so well-tuned with their readership that they know what keeps people interested. For example, The Sun headline Freddy Starr Ate My Hamster has been voted one of the top British newspaper headlines of all time. This headline was false, but the impact on the UK population was immense. You want to have the same impact on your target market.
    • If you don’t know how to create a headline, get a copyrighter to help you or go on a course.
  3. Be clear about the benefits of the service you provide, not the actual service itself.
    • Remember, your customers pay you for the results of the service you provide, not the service itself.
  4. Free offers
    • You are in the relationship business. Unless you can think of better ways to build relationships and gain trust, you need an offer to help customers make a decision to buy from you.
    • You basically direct prospects to a free report, seminar or consultation that allows them to find out how they can get rid of the fears and frustrations.
    • Prospects like making purchase decisions when they have more information at their fingertips. Inform them, help them feel better about the process they need to go through to achieve their desired outcomes, and see how many more end up buying from you.
  5. Testimonials
    • If you have happy customers, ask them to provide a testimonial. Prospects like to know that what they buy will actually improve their lives, so show them results of very happy customers.
  6. Service guarantees
    • What you should never do is say you will match somebody else’s price for your services. All you do is end up fighting based on lowest cost, rather than the benefits resulting from your service.
    • Once again, do some research to establish the types of guarantees your target niche is crying out for, and then add an extra one to really annoy your competitors.
    • If you are too scared to provide guarantees, stop and analyse what you provide. You need to be confident that you deliver will achieve desired outcomes, otherwise prospects will not have confidence in you.
  7. Every marketing piece should aim to get an immediate response. So you need a Call To Action in everything you send out.
    • Create urgency so that you get prospects on to the next step of your relationship building process. Get them to call, register, email or post within a specific time frame.
    • If you simply leave a telephone number of email address for people to contact you, distractions will stop many prospects from doing so. Eliminate this possibility by getting them to respond immediately.

Within each of the steps above is a lot of work, but this should help those preparing any collateral to focus on whether they are worth sending out in the first place.

As you aim to create a position of authority within your niche and get people interested in free offers you may have that help develop trust, the marketing pieces you have will need everything I have outlined.

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