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Lesson #1: “How To Be In Demand – Why Old Fashioned Marketing Methods For Intellectual Property Legal Services Are Dead, And What To Do Now…”

What I wanted to do over the next 7 days is share with you the things that I’ve learnt that have allowed me to generate clients on demand, charge above average fees and have clients chase me so they can become one of my clients.

I wanted to put together this series for you in order to offer some of my experiences and lessons learned that have allowed me to use a no selling system tailored to legal professionals like yourself.

I also wanted to mention at this point that it’s that very system that has got you to this point and is the very reason why you’re reading this email.

So without further a do let’s get to the first point… and that is, in the world of consulting and professional services the rules have changed.

The old fashioned traditional methods of trying to get your foot in the door with grunt work like phoning, networking, waiting for the odd referral, holding meetings  and wasting hours with people who have absolutely no intention of buying, have come to an end.

Generating business as you’ve known it is now out of date. And the only people that still pursue it are those that don’t know any better or those that just haven’t discovered the strategies that The Magneto Effect is based on.

Just step back for a minute and look at the landscape within which you are trying to get your prospects attention.

Today people are constantly bombarded with marketing messages to the point where the noise is deafening. They have created fortresses where they repel message after message and they now have systems like spam blockers that do a lot of that work for them.

Bottom line they don’t want to be bothered and their attention span is literally zero.

Not an appetising prospect when you come to think about.

But the problem is that if you continue to do what everyone else is doing you’re only going to get more of what you’ve already had – and for many that isn’t a lot.

The internet has created a whole new world of opportunity and for many consulting and professional service business owners this is a world that can hold unparalleled profits.

Obviously that’s a trend you want to take advantage of otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.

But for 95% of people the internet will become just another place where they will follow the next guy and fail miserably in the process.

For example, how many people create websites which communicate no real value other than a load of hyperbole that talks about nothing but the business itself?

And the main reason for that is they just haven’t spent the time acquiring the necessary skills to win in today’s modern and highly competitive environment.

So with all that, let me share some of the lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way and that you can gain from right now…

If I was to sum up the secret to success in Intellectual Property legal services I’d have to say at the top of the list would be this…

If you’re going to get clients to buy what you’re offering you have to find a way to get them to invite you into their world as a welcome guest instead of being seen as an annoying pest.

Now there are number of reasons for this and I’ll cover those in a minute. But suffice to say you have to get people to a point where they want to contact you and not the other way around.

So you have a couple of options when it comes to generating new leads and clients…

You can go down the old traditional route of old school sales and marketing where you just throw enough mud at the wall and hope enough of it sticks, which is what most of your competition are going to continue to do…


You can position yourself in a way that makes it highly desirable for prospects to find and contact you the moment they need your service.

Now the second option is obviously more attractive but here’s why strategically it is essential.

You see, WHO FINDS WHO is what this game is all about. The person that gets contacted first wins.

As soon as that event occurs the person who gets the call is the one who has the power in the relationship.

With option #1 you were doing the chasing. In option #2 you’re being chased!

But there is another reason why this is critically important.

Intellectual Property legal services are viewed as ‘expert services’ and therefore people that buy these types of services inherently want to feel like they are dealing with an expert and leader.

So when someone who is supposed to be an expert calls you out of the blue asking for business it just creates the wrong picture in our minds. And that mismatch is the kiss of death.

The other major benefit of getting your prospect to contact you so you are the ‘invited guest’ is that the chance of that prospect becoming a client are immensely higher, than if you contacted them asking for business. And the higher your conversion rate the cheaper it gets to acquire clients.

Bottom line is this is where you have to be if you want to not only win but grow your business in today’s noisy market place.

So how do you do this…

Simple… the most powerful weapon you have in your possession is YOU! There are many businesses but there will only ever be one of you. And one of the key things we teach in The Magneto Effect are strategies that will allow you to position yourself as an expert authority and build a business around that.

In essence you become the leader and the expert everyone wants to work with. You become the person or the company who everyone is pleased to see and happy to receive calls from when the phone rings.

But for many they think hiding behind a glossy cover is the way to go. Unfortunately people want to buy solutions and they want to buy those solutions from real people. I can testify to this fact and so can many other successful business people. For example, if this was written with a third person’s voice you would have no where near the same amount of trust associated with the message.

And this brings me on to another key area that you have to understand if you are to prosper.

I’ve been studying human behaviour and psychology for many years now and there’s one amazing fact I need to share with you – attraction is not a choice, it’s a response.

And attraction is based on one key factor… value.

And in Intellectual Property legal circles those that understand this, rule the roost in their respective fields. Here’s how it works…

When you are looking to buy a service from an IP legal professional, you have one predominant thought – you don’t want to make a mistake that could cost you in time, money, negative impact on your business or personal life never mind any loss of reputation.

So the ‘value’ you are looking for is the option that gives you the best chance of getting the result you’re looking for with the least amount of risk. That’s what value looks like in our context.

So when a leader comes along offering a solution that matches your problem you can’t help but be attracted to that.

And here’s what’s going on unconsciously inside the back of your head… “oh he or she seems to be really good at what they do and that means they’ll be the best and safest choice to get me the result I’m looking for.”

And as soon as this statement is made you can’t help but act.

And this type of thought process is in everyone including you and me.

And that’s why old fashioned sales techniques will never out perform someone that offers real ‘value’ in the mind of your intended prospect.

I used to think that getting more clients was just a numbers game and it put me in the poor house for longer than I care to remember.

And while I maintained that belief I continued to struggle to build my business. It wasn’t until I realised the difference between myself and the leaders in my industry that things started to change.

And the big difference when I look back now was simply that they offered more value in the eyes of my prospects than I did. It was no more and no less than that.

So where does that leave you?

Well if you’re not recruiting clients easily or at a level that makes your business fly right now, then it is simply down to the fact that you don’t hold enough value in the minds of your intended market. In their mind you have nothing to offer them.

And that’s perfectly fine right now.

Everyone has to start from somewhere and I was no exception. But if you want to have the best chance of winning in your profession you need to change that.

And the best way to increase your value to others is in the level of knowledge you demonstrate and share with them.

So as we continue through this series, always remember that if you want to make getting clients an easier process, you need to increase your value to your prospects by increasing the amount of knowledge and experience you share with them.

That’s what I did…. I began to share my knowledge, and after a very short time, gaining clients literally became effortless.

And that leads me on to the second part of our journey together.

There’s an old marketing saying that I came across about three years ago.

And these two sentences played a critical role in the development of my businesses, and allowed me go from chasing prospects to having them chase me. They are absolutely crucial to marketing your Intellectual Property legal services business successfully today.

So here they are…

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will reveal these two sentences in the The Magneto Effect Bootcamp Day 2.

See you tomorrow!

Eria Odhuba

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